Dewalt Cordless Screwdriver Review

A rechargeable screwdriver is a sustainable alternative to the manual tool when you’re thinking of rapidness and efficiency. You don’t have to work as a professional to grasp the benefits of such a tool. In addition to functional benefits, cordless screwdrivers also tend to be easier to use and ergonomic, due to lacking a wire.  In this manner, you are free to move wherever you want without thinking of proximal sockets to plug in the device.

Although the market provides many brands and luring functions, our favorite pick is by far the Dewalt cordless screwdriver. Many aspects make this model worthwhile, however, pregnant to its constitution are its proficiency, quickness, and easy operation. Here, we are going to evolve on what we found outstanding in the Dewalt screwdriver in the tests we put it through.

Why Dewalt DW920K?

We wanted to get a round view of this cordless screwdriver and, consequently, tested it on both hard-duty and easy operations. Our verdict was just as we expected it to be: positive. Not only has it met the qualifications on the receipt but also performed just as other customer reviews said. On a quick note, the model performed safely and thoroughly every project we aspired.

Functions. Functionally-wise, Dewalt didn’t disappoint. The cordless screwdriver is motion-activated, which means that not only you have complete control of the procedure but also the model provides safe operation. You can adjust the speed to the project you are completing, and, in this manner, it varies from 0 to 500 RPM. Also, the model has a reverse-mode too, which you can use if the need occurs.

Surfaces. If you think of surfaces, the Dewalt screwdriver is pretty convenient and versatile since it works on metal, plastic, and wood. Yet there’s no constraint in challenging it on other similar materials too. Moreover, you can operate the model from two different holding positions, both in line and at an angle for compact spaces and work above your head.

Battery. Our tip is to wait for the battery to fully discharge before you recharge it. Otherwise, you’ll notice the battery would lose its power after some time and not give the same performance. If you wait until the battery is 100% charged, which takes about an hour, and then proceed to work, the lifespan of your screwdriver will not disappoint.

Maintenance. Cleaning the tool is fairly simple since you only have to use a piece of cloth to wipe it clean. One consideration you should have in mind is not to open the screwdriver if you notice any malfunctions. It is dangerous to manage it yourself, thus, we recommend you call in an expert.

Accessories. A great advantage is that Dewalt ships this cordless screwdriver in a sturdy case along with 54 tips incisive of 12 double-ended bits. This is one of the highlights of the device, mainly because you don’t have to strut to the market to purchase supplements. Also, other accessories include a charger, one bit, and two nickel-cadmium batteries, so that you have a lifeline in case of emergency duties.

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