Are Pitbulls easy to train?

Dog training is a necessary part of any pet dog’s life. We train our dogs so that both the owner and the pet learn how to communicate with each other. We tend to think of dog training as something that will result in the pet learning new entertaining tricks but it is so much more than just that.

There are many benefits to training your pet dog. The most obvious one that often comes to mind is being able to control its, often unintentional, destructive behaviors. If your dog thinks that the new couch is its new toy then some training will surely help you stop that kind of behavior. However, perhaps the most important benefit is making the bond between the owner and the pet stronger.

How easy it is to train a dog depends on the dog and the owner’s dedication. Some pet breeds have characters that are difficult to teach, although impossible cases are rare. What about Pitbulls?

Pitbulls don’t have a good reputation so many people are surprised that they are actually highly intelligent dogs that learn quickly. Strong and easy to train, Pitbulls make great professional dogs, such as police dogs or rescue dogs.

The unfortunate reputation probably has its results in Pitbulls’ high energy levels. These dogs have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise or they become restless and difficult to control. However, they are very loyal and if properly cared for, will stay by the owner’s side without relenting.

How to start training a Pitbull

If you have a pet Pitbull, congratulations. They are a highly underappreciated dog breed that needs every ounce of love and care it can get. Take care of your pet Pitbull well and it will surely be grateful and repay you with unconditional friendship.

It is best to train any dog, especially a Pitbull when they are still a puppy. Puppies learn the proper socialization cues from other dogs and people. Proper training using spoken commands, such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay’, can start when the Pitbull turns around 2 months old. If you have an adult pet that wasn’t properly trained when young, you can still train it successfully. It will require more dedication but is still perfectly possible.

For a thorough guide on training your dog, search for the best Pitbull training book to learn what professionals have to say about training Pitbulls.

The main principles of dog training

To be effective, training has to be consistent. That means you need to reward the dog each time they fulfill the command properly. This way you will encourage good behaviors while discouraging the bad ones. Positive reinforcement is the basis of any successful dog training.

Physical punishments are not a good method of training because even if you get the desired effect and your dog will stop the undesirable behaviors, it will do so out of fear. The dog should listen to you because it trusts its owner and understands that being obedient is the best choice. And it is your duty as the owner to make sure your dog knows you are trying to help him, not hurt him.